Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 25lbs + JT Eaton Insecticidle Duster

25lbs Diatomaceous Earth & JTE Duster
Model: DE25-JTG
DE Weight: 25LBS
Included Items: JT Eaton Duster
Packaging: Tied 3mil Poly Bag
Type: Food Grade
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PureEarthD Diatomaceous Earth 25lbs and J.T. Eaton Duster

25 lbs of diatomaceous earth is great for a larger home, or for large infestations of bed bugs. This is also great to dust around larger homes to keep the insects from returning, or just as a preventative measure. Do you have a lot of pets? No problem, there is plenty of diatomaceous earth to help them keep away the fleas from their living areas or dust them directly to kill fleas they already have. And now with your JT Eaton Duster you will be able to easily apply your diatomaceous earth to problem areas and keep those pesky insects at bay.

J.T. Eaton Insecticidal Duster

  • Green Color for Green Products
  • Insulated tip to help prevent electric shock hazard when dusting around electric light switches and outlet boxes.
  • Sturdy Design
  • Nozzle cleaning rod to remove dust build up.

Uses of Diatomaceous Earth

  • More than enough DE to dust your home and garden and feed to your animals as a dietary supplement
  • Kill bed bugs, fleas, ticks and many other insects
  • Mix with pet food and feed to keep the insects away and help clean out your animals' systems

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