Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 50lbs

NutriDE 50.jpg
NutriDE 50.jpg
50lbs Diatomaceous Earth
Model: NutriDE50
DE Weight: 50LBS
Included Items: none
Packaging: Original
Type: Food Grade
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Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 50lbs

50 lbs is perfect to make a daily dietary supplement for your pets and livestock. Adding 2% to the food of your pets and livestock and you will help rid them of worms, parasites and any other infestation. This is also a great way to Detox their system and sweep out their digestive track.

Uses of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

  • A natural deodorizer for garbage cupboard or refrigerators
  • Kitty litter supplement for extra absorbency and odor control
  • Soft scrub cleaner because of its abrasive properties
  • Oil stain remover in garages and driveways
  • Stain remover for carpets
  • Polishes metal when made into a paste

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