Set of 4 Bed Bug Traps Stop Bedbugs from crawling up the bed

Bed Bug Traps for Your Furniture
Model: JB6052
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Description of Bed Bug Traps

This pesticide free bed bug trap helps keep bed bugs from cawling up the legs of your bed and give you advanced notice of a possible invasion. This product comes with 4 bed bug traps coated with talcum powder to keep bed bugs in the wells of the trap. This will fit all furniture with post up to 3 3/4 in in diameter.


  • Stops bed bugs from crawling up the bed
  • Dual well design
  • Pesticide free! No harmful chemicals
  • Easily placed under the legs of bed posts, couches or chairs with posts up to 3 3/4 in in diameter
  • Talc coating traps bugs so they can't crawl out

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