Dustin-Mizer Diatomaceous Earth Applicator for Gardens

Dustin-Mizer Garden Duster
Model: DM1212
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Dustin Mizer Description

The Dustin-Mizer diatomaceous earth duster will help you apply DE to your garden on and underneath plant leaves. At 26.5in you should easily be able to apply even in hard to reach areas. It is easy to use as all you do is fill the reserve and turn the handle to gently spread the dust on and around your plants. This duster will dispense dusts including diatomaceous earth, rotenone, pyrethrin, bacillus thuringiensis, sulfur, lime and sulfur, copper, bordeaux mix, and sevin.


  • High impact, ozone-resistant plastic
  • Corrosion resistant metal parts
  • Each unit assembled by hand, adjusted & tested
  • Gets Under leaves with the reflector, not just on top
  • Dust does not add unwanted moisture to foliage
  • Dust is long lasting, lingering on surfaces
  • Dust is less toxic, plants do not absorb dry chemicals
  • No dragging heavy hoses after use
  • No chemicals to mix or dispose of

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