Gilmour Hand Duster for Gardens

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The Gilmour Garden Duster is one of the better dusters to use for your garden. This Duster will hold up to 1 lb of traditional dusts, which is about 8 oz of Diatomaceous Earth. This garden duster is green so you know to only use it with organic and non-toxic garden dusts. Accessories include removable nozzle and a removable deflector for even distribution of dusts. The thick plastic casing makes this duster very durable so you can dust your garden for several seasons. The wide mouth opening makes filling this duster a snap, just unscrew and pour. Enjoy an easier time dusting your garden for insects with this easy to use hand duster.

  • Brand: Gilmour
  • Material: Thick Durable Plastic
  • Color: Green easy identification of organic gardening powders.
  • Accessories: Removable nozzle extension, removable lip deflector for dust control.

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